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heLLO! AND WELCOME to my lovely little website. I'm really glad you've chosen to visit.

First things first, I ought to introduce myself.


Hello, I'm Abigail, and I'm an actor and theatre maker currently based in the Seattle area, recently returned from studying in Ireland, where I received my BA (Hons) in Acting from The Lir, National Dramatic Academy of Ireland, at Trinity College Dublin. 


As a maker, I'm fascinated by connection; between the audience and the actor, between human and nature, but most of all the connection between generations, where our gestures, passions and alliances collide. At the heart of my work is a determination to connect, to understand, and to illuminate those stories we're hesitant to tell.


Artists are the light in the darkness. 

If you want a glimpse into where my creative journey is taking me, hop on over to my "at the moment" page, to see, read, and perhaps hear my creative ramblings. Although I'm not a blogger by any means, I like to set myself little challenges, and what better place to share them than here, with you. 

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